Non-profit Development Strategy

Diagonal Growth Strategies works with your organization to pinpoint development patterns and design a road map to drive toward concrete, attainable goals.

Donor segmentation - who's giving to your cause?

Diagonal Growth Strategies helps create a clear picture of the different groups within your donor population to lay the ground work for targeted fund-raising and communications strategies

Donor management system consulting - putting automation to work

"Friends don't let friends manage data using an Excel spreadsheet."

 Larger not-for-profits commonly use donor management systems, but that’s not always the case with smaller organizations. Diagonal Growth Strategies is a Giftworks Certified Consultancy – this easy to use software with an integrated mail center opens up extensive new fundraising options.

Comparative best practices – learning from your counterparts

Like their for-profit counterparts, not-for-profit organizations can benefit from understanding best practices in revenue generation and communications. Using a competitive positioning approach similar to that used for industry clients, we help identify opportunities that merit consideration for your development plan.

Income goal-setting – putting it down on paper

The process of setting specific, measurable goals can help identify organizational issues that too often prevent income growth, such as insufficient stakeholder commitment to fund-raising programs. Diagonal Growth Strategies can help your organization with a clear, detailed implementation plan that gets development managers and board members moving in the same direction